Finally an artist that clawed his way out of the commercial oblivion! This Toronto native is not only taking the underground waves by storm But also stands strong as an undefeatable triple threat. Tattoo artist by day, Hip hop arum by night. Swann A.K.A. “Big Belly” for “BigBelly Productionz” Has taken a great interest in the underground hip hop scene. Rhyming furiously At the young age of 12, Swann soon realized his love for music was more then Rhyming on park benches & to his friends on the block. Influenced by many Heavy hitters such as “House of Pain, Cypress Hill, Redman, Wu-Tang Clan, Ill Bill, Jedi Mind Tricks & EPMD. Swann found himself way too inspired to sit back In the cut. Tapping into the production game 4 years later, Swann unnoticed talentBecame a well respected profession. Releasing his first beat mixtape in 2008 Titled “Beatz 4 A Reason“ became a great accomplishment which led to a crazy Buzz on the streets of Toronto. With a little over 4000 downloads, “ Beatz 4 A Reason “ Can be found on DATPIFF.COMSwann’s production game led him to produce for many artists across Canada such as Thrust, Anubis of I.R.M., Jus Nice, Cream, Mic Gutz of I.R.M., Little Empire, 2G’z, Methadist, Lef Spek, Symmetry, Riksha, Alien N8, Tizza & many more. In mid 2010 Swann then released his first album titled “ Swann Flu “ which is available on & CDBABY.COM. “ Swann Flu” sold over 500 copies within the first few days of release, generating a huge buzz off 2 major heavy singles “ My Shit “ & “ I RESPECT MUSIC”. “ I believe My Shit became a popular single because it best described my power to push in the industry. My grind , my talent, my life is all I have to put into my music. I also feel that many M.C’s & industry cats out there needed to hear my point of view, proving how my shit would be better on the radio other then what seemds to be playing now”.“I Respect Music“ has become a traditional facture on stage. “it represents everything I stand for and who I stand with, such as my camp the I RESPECT MUSIC MOVEMENT, it’s great being a part of a team who respects the hustle of an artist & the lyrics we put on wax. My team supports me & provides the drive I need to conquer this Toronto based industry. That’s why I dedicated this single to them as an anthem.Swann’s career has yet to stretch into true hip hop artifacts, with lyrics focusing on life, he will continue to constantly deliver verbal body blows to any & all who dare to listen!

Now Swann has teamed up with Danny Diablo and has joined the ILL-ROC army!!! Swann and fellow ILL-ROC soldier Lord. Willin are working on a project together and will be releasing it out on ILL-ROC Records in 2011. Swann will also be putting out a solo street c.d. on ILL-ROC later on this year. Swann is the first Canadian artist on ILL-ROC and is ready to show the world how Toronto gets down!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011


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